Work from the past that reminds us that we are forward looking. 

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iDirect films

iDirect Films is the platform that 15 year old filmmaker, Gabe Sheets, uses to give you a behind the scenes look at his process. The vision is to give his filmmaking peers a look inside his head. What Gabriel lacks in age, he more than makes up for with an impressive experience level in the industry. 

Around Town Designs

Around Town Designs provides beautiful coasters for any occasion. Whether you need them for around the house, are preparing for a special event, or are wanting a custom gift to give to a friend, you are at the right place.


Cabinette is a locally owned painting company specializing in custom cabinet paint finishes, decorative wall finishes and general surface painting. They do all of their own work, providing experienced craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

Wyatt Weed

Wyatt Weed is an actor, writer, and filmmaker. After a long and successful career in Los Angeles, Wyatt joined the production company Pirate Pictures in St. Louis, Missouri and now makes a living in the Midwest community.

Lakeview Embroidery Plus

Lakeview Embroidery Plus is a Women Owned Business Enterprise operating in the heartland of the USA. They  produces extraordinary quality embroidery by employing only experienced industry craftsmen to transform logs/images/artwork to beautiful stitches. You can literally see and feel the difference.

Mitts Electric

We at Mitts Electric respect our customer's time, homes, businesses and hard earned money. But most of all, we value the relationships we have been privileged to form with our customers over the years. We work tirelessly to gain and retain their confidence through hard work, efficiency, quality, and providing that personal touch you may not receive from large contractors.

Divinely Inspired Truths

Divinely Inspired Truths' mission is to provide a pathway to healing at a deeper level to clients who are challenged in achieving radiant health due to old wounds, unhealed grief, trauma and any other emotional or spiritual conflict.

WSC Credit Sense

WCS Credit Sense: To become a nationally recognized company known above all else for its high integrity, core values and cutting edge business credit guidance resources, servicing passionate and compassionate entrepreneurs seeking personalized direction.


The Filmmakers CAFE (Creative Alliance for Filmmaking & Entertainment) was founded in 2014 for filmmakers, industry service providers and entertainment professionals who are passionate about sharing ideas, knowledge, experience, resources and opportunities that advance the field of Filmmaking and Entertainment.  

Golden Age Computers

In today's technology driven world, keeping up with technology is a must for us all ... including those 55 and above.  However, trying to learn how to use technology on the ever-changing computers, mobile devices and applications can simply be overwhelming.  So if you find yourself in this situation, know you have a trusted, professional source to call.

Bottom Little Theatre

Bottom Little Theatre is a comedy web series about best friend, big dreams, and a little theatre. Anybody who’s ever had a dream knows that only one little thing stands between them and their idealistic vision: reality.

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