Mission & Vision

Sheets by Design is all about quality and affordability. Everything from the aesthetics to usability matter when it comes down to the end user experience. This company is driven by the idea of beauty. Websites are often thought of as mandatory tools to learn more about a business. The thing is, websites can be so much more than that. Websites can be deeply personal and need to be deeply personal if you are wanting to share your business with as many people as possible. A website is one of the best tools to express your brand and personality in a truly elegant way. Here at Sheets by Design there is no excuse for not fulfilling that mission.


Behind the scenes 


Gabe Sheets

Development & Communications

About Gabe

Gabe Sheets is seventeen years old and still lives with his parents in Lake Saint Louis, Missouri. His main passion is filmmaking, something he has taken an interest in since the age of six.

Gabe is driven to make beautiful things. He is the main instrument of Sheet's by Design's vision: to make elegant websites, while not breaking the client's bank.  Gabe is a perfectionist: from the image selection, to the layout of the website - he wants it all to make sense.